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I empower mission-driven leaders to transform their purpose into prosperity, while activating their highest potential.

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You were born to have it all.

This is your call to step into the power of YOU, get back into the flow, and create a wildly successful life and business, from the inner workings of your soul.

Welcome to the side of the internet where inner work is the best business strategy & SOUL Power Activation is the new edge.


Align your brand and business as an authentic extension of who you are


Expand your energetic empire through soul-led strategies


Apply automated & results-driven marketing methods to support your exponential growth

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Build a SOUL-ed out business that runs on systems, automation, & activation of your highest self, so you can live a life of freedom, joy and abundance, while being there for all your family moments, doing what you love, and feeling empowered along the way.


There’s greatness inside of you waiting to get out

Rewire your nervous system for success, free yourself of internal limitations, and discover a direct line of communication to the wisdom of your higher self, allowing you to create an energetically aligned empire from the inner workings of your soul.


Your dream business is built on soul-led strategies

Design & launch your high-ticket program, your results-driven marketing model, and align your brand and business as an energetic expression of who you authentically are. Learn how to show up and stand out with confidence, while maximizing & creating consistent revenue.


Manifest your vision & build a soul-ed out business

Achieve exponential growth, grounded on your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance, while scaling with evergreen & automated systems, designed to collect leads and covert your dream clients.

Mentorship With Jess

My Mission

To guide you in unlocking your most authentic self, while delivering strategic tools and systems that will propel your digital business into a magnetic force of abundance.

More About Jess

Hi, I'm Jess

Former corporate digital marketer, turned health, spiritual and creative business expert, I’m the woman online business builders go to when they need help growing their own brands online.

I’m passionate about helping women build a business that runs on systems, automation, & alignment to your highest self, so you can live a life of freedom, joy and abundance, while being there for all your family moments, doing what you love, and feeling empowered along the way.

As a soul-driven entrepreneur you are constantly being guided to rise more fully into your power, become more visible, show up more in life, and be a guiding light for others wanting to do the same.

This is your invitation to pause and go inwards,knowing when you get the inside right, the outside magically falls into place.

I’ve dedicated my life’s purpose to empowering women to raise their vibration, and up-level their life & business in ALL the ways your heart desires.

I cannot wait to equip you with the systems, strategies and tools that will empower you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Xo! Your New Biz Bestie

What others have to say about BB

Jordan B.

In the six weeks that I have had the opportunity to work with Jess, I have not only grown my business in getting leads on my email list but I’ve also grown personally in my mindset and my personal development growth. I truly feel I’ve gotten more out of working with her in 6 weeks than I ever did with a $12,000 dollar business coach. Thank you! I'm so impressed. Highly recommend!

Cindy D..

I was drawn to Jess and I really liked the whole concept of attracting our dream clients and not chasing them. Working with Jess and learning everything in her program really took my business to the next level and I'm so glad I did it! I not only learned so much about lead generation but also about feminine flow to create a flowing business. I was able to grow my audience more than I have ever done before. Learning how to automate my business has been so helpful! I highly recommend working with Jess, because she makes the most simple & effective options & programs for health coaches looking to grow their business online

Suz C.

I just felt super drawn to Jess’ positive energy and what she had to offer, which is all truly amazing. I reached out because I personally really struggle with tech. I don't understand it and I didn't have any marketing systems in place for my coaching program. I've invested in other programs before and I have to say that Jess has a personal touch to hers. She truly cares about what she does. She’s always there for you, and she walks you through everything from A-Z. I would highly highly recommend Jess, to grow your coaching business.

I Want Results!

Your highest and most abundant self is out there… inside you.

  • Uncover your DIVINE SELF and build your business as an energetic extension of who you authentically are
  • ​Exclusive access to my signature system that will consistently attract AND convert your dream clients, so you can finally stop losing sleep
  • Design your "SOUL-ed Out Marketing Model" that will take the pressure off, “trying to do it all” AND instantly set you apart from the competition
  • Expand & scale your business quickly with evergreen & automated growth systems, so you’re no longer trading time for money
  • ​Turn your unique skill set into a powerful signature offer that resonates with both you AND your dream clients at a soul-level
  • BONUS: Discover a simple, yet powerful method that will activate your highest self (who you are at your greatest potential!)
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