Empowered  Entrepreneurs Igniting Their Potential

Awaken to your True Self and join the movement that transforms your purpose into prosperity, while unlocking the door to increased impact, activated abundance, and the realization of your wildest dreams.


Your heart is overflowing with passion and purpose, yearning to expand your online business and align it with your true soul’s calling. 


With every step you take, you seek to create a meaningful impact and touch the lives of others through your work. However, amidst your dreams and aspirations, you encounter a canvas of challenges and emotional setbacks, questioning what steps to take next.

As you stand at the edge of growth, you grapple with the fear of the unknown. Doubt creeps in, whispering questions about whether you are truly capable of manifesting your vision, knowing that success or failure rests heavily on your shoulders alone.

Balancing the pursuit of your soul's purpose with the demands of an online business can be a tightrope act and the pressure to meet financial goals can sometimes overshadow the very essence of why you embarked on this journey in the first place. 

As you reach for expansion, it's possible you feel isolated and misunderstood, leaving you longing for a supportive community of like-minded souls who truly grasp the depth of your mission.

I see you, Divine SOULpreneur.

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You are not alone on this journey.


As you navigate the ups and downs of expanding your online business and aligning with your true soul’s calling, recognize that there are countless others who have walked a similar path.

They, too, have faced the uncertainties, doubts, and challenges that you encounter.

I celebrate your persistant spirit and determination, for you are a warrior of the soul, committed to making a difference in the world through your online business.

We are here, united in purpose, and together, we will navigate the path of entrepreneurship with courage and unwavering support.

Imagine If...

  • Empowered Alignment

Your online business is fully aligned with your soul's calling, creating deep fulfillment. Your work is no longer just a means to an end but a journey that resonates with your core values, bringing you a profound sense of purpose and joy.

  • Thriving Impact

Your vision has blossomed into reality, making a powerful and positive impact on the lives of others. Your authentic approach and unwavering commitment have cultivated a strong base of soulmate clients.

  • Abundant Growth & Freedom

You have experienced exponential personal and financial growth. Abundance flows into your life as a reflection of the value you offer & the vibration you carry, allowing you to live the freedom lifestyle you've long craved.


SOULpreneur on Fire

A dynamic community of change-makers, visionaries, and empowered entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive impact on the world, while expanding into their highest potential.

For soul-driven entrepreneurs seeking to align their online businesses with their true soul calling.

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You will discover how to…


  • Embrace Empowered Expansion

Rewire your nervous system for success, remove the internal limitations that keep you stuck, and draw a direct line of communication to your True Self, who you are at your highest potential.

  • Cultivate a Supportive Community

Find a supportive network of like-minded female entrepreneurs who share your similar journey. Navigate challenges and setbacks, turning them into opportunities for growth and learning, as we build resilience and overcome obstacles together.

  • Turn Your Purpose Into Prosperity

Through valuable resources, mentorship, and collective wisdom, you’ll have the support to achieve elevated business growth. Receive actionable steps to meet you where you're at in your business, empowering you to navigate a path to success with confidence and clarity.

I created this space out of a deep understanding

of the challenges and struggles that soul-driven entrepreneurs face on their journey. 

Having walked the path myself, I know firsthand how hard and lonely it can be. Sometimes we feel like outsiders or even crazy, as we pursue unconventional paths and take risks that others may not comprehend.

Through SOF, I aim to nurture an environment where such feelings are embraced and celebrated, where you can freely express your ideas, fears, and vulnerabilities without feeling judged. 

A place where both the "woo" and the "doo" can coexist harmoniously.

Where we champion the magical and intuitive aspects of the "woo" – the spiritual connections, the visualization, and the power of manifestation.

And at the same time, we honor the action-oriented elements of the "doo" – the planning, the strategy, and the hard work.

The vibrant heartbeat that fuels your journey toward self-discovery, inner fulfillment, and entrepreneurial success.


As a member of SOF you'll be guided through a powerful evolution of expansion, rewiring your nervous system for success, raising your energetic frequency, and awakening to your True Self - Who you are at your greatest potential. 

You’re already living your dream life, you just have to ascend high enough to reach it.  This is your ticket.


Clear Your Inner & Outer World, Protect Your Energy, and Open Yourself Up to Receive. 

Maintaining a clear and balanced state of being is necessary to manifest our true potential and attract abundance into our lives.

We'll dive deep into the power of clearing and cleansing, both internally and externally, to create a harmonious and energized space for personal and professional growth. 


Self-awareness is the cornerstone of empowerment and the catalyst for meaningful expansion.

We'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound awareness to awaken your true desires and uncover the barriers and internal limitations that have been hindering your progress as a soul-driven entrepreneur.


The relentless pursuit of success can often lead to burnout and a sense of disconnection from our true purpose.

We'll explore the transformative power of surrendering the outcome and embracing the art of relaxation in our entrepreneurial journey.

By learning to release control and trust in the flow of life, we open ourselves to a new level of manifestation and abundance.


True success and fulfillment arise from a deep sense of connection. We'll explore the practices that foster meaningful connections with ourselves, others, and the universe.

By tuning in and aligning with the wisdom of our higher selves, we access a limitless reservoir of intuition, inspiration, and guidance, becoming the cornerstone of our work in the world.


Your energetic frequency shapes your reality. We'll explore powerful hands-on tools and practices to elevate your vibration and unlock your greatest potential.

By embracing the magic of vibrational alignment, you will ignite a profound transformation in both your personal and professional life.


Success begins with embracing our authentic selves. We'll dive into practices that empower you to embody the woman you are becoming and, more importantly, the woman you've always been at your core.

By tapping into your divine feminine fire, inner strength, confidence, and courage, you will become unstoppable on your path to success & fulfillment. 


Your potential is limitless. We'll explore advanced exercises and practices that will propel you beyond self-imposed limitations, unlocking new dimensions of growth and connection to your true self.

By embracing the art of expansion, you will tap into all that you are and harness the boundless power within.


+ Monthly Meetups, Support & Tools to Accelerate your SOULpreneur Journey...

Come together to set powerful intentions for the month ahead, aligning our Business, Body, Mind, and Soul. Led by Jess, our experienced manifestation guide, you'll gain access to our exclusive VIBES Manifestation™ Protocol, a transformative practice to manifest your deepest desires. Embrace the power of collective energy as we support each other in achieving our dreams and co-creating a life filled with abundance and purpose.

For those who are curious about exploring life without alcohol. Led by Jess, our alcohol-free sister, we offer a safe and supportive space to learn about the possibilities on the other side of alcohol. Discover how an alcohol-free life can propel you forward faster than anything else. Together, we share support, advice, and encouragement, empowering each other to make informed decisions and embrace a lifestyle that aligns with our true selves.

These insightful sessions offer you direct access to guidance, allowing you to seek clarity, gain personalized insights, and navigate any challenges you encounter along your path of growth. Whether it's about aligning your business with your soul's calling, harnessing your intuition, or mastering manifestation, our Q&A calls provide a space for your questions to be heard and answered. 

Dive into a treasure of resources crafted to fuel your personal and professional growth. Inside, you'll find a wealth of worksheets, practices, and tools tailored to elevate every aspect of your life. Whether it's mastering the art of manifestation, unlocking productivity and prosperity hacks, or raising your vibration and claiming unstoppable confidence, our resource library empowers you with the knowledge and skills to thrive. 



I'm Jess!


I specialize in showing mission-driven entrepreneurs how to ignite their brand, business, and beyond, through the means of automated systems, streamlined strategies, and alignment to their highest & most authentic selves.

I am committed to helping you break free from limitations, unlock your full potential, and create a life & business that aligns with your highest aspirations.


Here’s Why You'll Love Us:


Turn your purpose into prosperity

When you align your work with your purpose, every day becomes an opportunity to do what you love, while making a meaningful impact & income. 

Fueling Personal Growth

SOF is not only about increasing your income & having an impact on others but also about nurturing your own personal growth & divine expansion.

SOULpreneur Community

 Engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and forge deep connections that will uplift and inspire you along your journey.

Training and Workshops

Specifically designed to help you develop the necessary skills, strategies, and mindset shifts that will propel you toward your goals & aspirations. 

This Is For Those Who:

  • Question your abilities and worthiness to pursue your passions and create a successful business.
  • Grapple with finding a balance between aligning your business with your higher purpose & generating profits 
  • Building a supportive network of women who understand the unique challenges of entrepreneurs is important to you
  • Find it challenging to manage your energy levels and prioritize self-care while pursuing your dreams.
  • Struggle with fear of visibility and self-promotion. Sharing your authentic voice, promoting your offers, and stepping into the spotlight can feel daunting.

This Is Not For Those Who:

  • Are solely focused on quick fixes or get-rich-quick schemes without a genuine commitment to their purpose.
  • Are unwilling to embrace personal growth or invest time and effort in their self-development.
  • Are looking for a one-size-fits-all approach to business growth without considering their unique soul-driven path.
  • Are resistant to exploring and integrating spirituality or intuition in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Are seeking a hands-off approach to their business, without active engagement, action or dedication.
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Client Love

Working With Jess Took My Business To The Next Level!

I'm so glad I did it! I not only learned so much about lead generation but also about feminine flow to create an aligned business.  I was able to grow my audience more than I have ever done before with just cold messaging and social media. Learning how to automate my business has been so helpful! I highly recommend working with Jess, because she makes the most simple & effective options & programs for health coaches looking to grow their business online.

Cindy D.

She’s always there for you, and she walks you through everything from A-Z.

I felt super drawn to Jess’ positive energy and what she had to offer, which is all truly amazing. I personally really struggle with tech. I don't understand it and I didn't have any marketing systems in place for my coaching program. And I felt really really lost on how to make that happen. I've invested in other coaches before and I have to say that Jess has a personal touch. She truly cares about what she does.  I'm so appreciative of that. 

Suz C.

Biggest Blessing of My Life!

Meeting Jess and hiring her to help me get my business started has been the biggest blessing in my life…No joke! What started as just an idea has turned into a fully operating business, accepting clients, and I couldn’t be more grateful… and excited!!  Her ideas and her expertise are like fresh air to me. She’s so professional and so fun to work with and I love how knowledgable and patient she is. She’s always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! Her life and her positive, uplifting attitude, are so contagious. I just can’t say enough great things about her!

Trish H.

Frequently Asked Questions



Soulpreneur on Fire is a transformative platform designed to support soul-driven entrepreneurs in elevating their online businesses and expanding into their highest potential.

Members gain access to a wealth of resources and tools, including courses, worksheets, lessons, meet-ups, and guidance on manifestation, productivity, and prosperity hacks.

Through this empowering journey, entrepreneurs are equipped to align their businesses with their true soul's calling, embrace their authentic selves, and co-create a thriving and purposeful online business & life.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your online business and empower you to step into your highest potential?

SOULpreneur on Fire is calling out to you, fellow soul-driven entrepreneur, to join our collaborative community of like-minded women on a path of expansion, purpose, and abundance.

Imagine a space where you are fully supported and encouraged to align your business with your true soul's calling.

A place where your intuition and spirituality are celebrated and practical strategies are offered to manifest your dreams into reality.

Embrace the transformation, embrace the growth, and embrace the unstoppable force that is YOU.

We are waiting with open hearts to welcome you home.


Take this invite as a sign that the universe is calling you to step into your power.

Picture the life you desire—the success, the fulfillment, the impact. It's all within reach, but it's up to you to take the first step. Our collective community is here to guide you, support you, and lift you up on your SOULpreneur journey.

Unlock your path to empowerment with two distinct options tailored for different stages of your SOULpreneur journey.


SOULpreneur Support Circle

If you know you're meant for more, but seek direction on where to start, our first option provides a nurturing space where you can find clarity, ignite your purpose, and take confident steps towards manifesting your soul-aligned vision.

SOULpreneur Prosperity School

If you're feeling the call to create profound impact yet struggling to align your ideal offering and attract soulmate clients, our second option is designed for you. Build a highly scalable digital business through online course creation, authentic branding, and a strategic marketing system.

SOULpreneur Support Circle



  • Empowered Expansion Effect - The Course
  • SOULpreneur Support Stack - Discover Your Divine Blueprint, Passion to Prosperity Road Map + Craft Your Soul-ed Out Signature Offer
  • Daily content to empower your expansion in life, business, body, mindset & soul
  • Community of Like-Minded Women
  • 3 x Monthly Meet-Ups
  • Surprise Monthly Expansion Experience
  • SOULpreneur Expansion Vault
  • Product & course discounts
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SOULpreneur Prosperity School

6 month commitment

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  • Start, Grow & Scale Your Digital Business
  • Everything from SOULpreneur Support Circle PLUS:
  • Full access to SPS Course, Tools, Resources & Support 
  • Step-by-Step Path to Prosperity
  • Weekly group coaching with Jess
  • Done-for-you content galore! Swipe files, sales scripts, social media content, landing page 


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