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Can You Feel the Shift?

Nov 06, 2023

For more than three years now, almost every morning, I've been reaching out to the Divine, asking…

"What would you have me know today?"

I start writing, and soon enough, I find myself filling exactly one page—rarely more, rarely less.

As I dive deeper into my spiritual journey, I feel a calling to share these messages with you in a more intimate way.

I believe they aren't just meant for me but for the entire collective.

I hope these messages resonate with you as deeply as they do me, bringing you peace, hope, love, and an overall feeling that you are never alone on your path.

The Shift

You are entering the next evolution of your soul.

Your next phase, your next chapter, your next path is being illuminated.

Can you feel it?

You are recognizing that every challenge in your external world and every trigger within your internal realm acts as a reflection, revealing what your soul still needs to heal.

You are understanding how to merge your past self with your present self, creating a unified whole.

You are gaining insight into the wounds that have been driving your circumstances, creating unrest in your heart, mind, body and soul.


You are ready.

Ready to transition from the wounded warrior into your soulful Self.

The rejected, the neglected, the dismissed, the feelings of unworthiness or insufficiency within you are asking to be seen.

Acknowledge them.

When you sense their presence, take a moment to pause...

Pinpoint the location in your body where the pain is residing.

Inhale deeply, infusing that part of yourself with love.

Envision being wrapped in a radiant bubble of white light.

Accept. Mend. Evolve.

This phase is merging and letting go.

Returning to your true essence.

Embracing the authentic self crafted by the divine.


Your enlightenment awaits, my sweet soul-sister.