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Inside My Journey To An Alcohol-Free Life

Aug 30, 2023

"It’s like having a second chance at life… seeing everything with clarity, gratitude and a deeper understanding of my purpose here on this planet." - Jessica Suzanne

 "There is no craving greater than the will for a beautiful life." Words I wrote to myself back in Sept 2021.

Little did I know, those words would become a guiding light on my journey to self-discovery and transformation.

Although it wasn't until April 4, 2022, that I officially gave up alcohol, the seeds of change were sown much earlier, when I first attempted a three-month break from drinking in 2017.

The relationship I had with alcohol was complicated – it had been a companion in my life, providing moments of escape and enjoyment, but also leaving a trail of unease, depletion and even shame.

The decision to say goodbye to alcohol was the best I've ever made…Yet, as honest as I am about my choice, I still find myself adjusting to this new way of living.

People often ask me, "Jess, when did the desire to drink finally fade away?" 

It's a question that doesn't have a straightforward answer. Yes, with time, it does get easier, but there are still days when the journey feels uphill.

Alcohol had been intertwined with my identity. It became a part of who I was for so long that breaking free from its grip couldn’t possibly disappear overnight.

While the desire for alcohol does lessen, I've come to accept that those occasional pings of a craving might always linger in the background.

It's a daily choice, a decision that manifests in each moment, a reaffirmation of the commitment I've made to myself.

I've learned to play out the scenarios in my mind – what would happen if I did give in to that urge?

The result is always the same: a fleeting buzz followed by hours of chasing a euphoria that never truly returns, leaving me drained, down on myself and disconnected.

The vision of embracing each morning with a clear mind, body, and soul… and a heart full of excitement & anticipation for the day ahead holds far more magic.

We get to choose our hard in this life…Yes, not drinking may be difficult at times, but it was way harder to watch a substance slowly chip away at my light, and dull the sparkle of who I came here to be.

I wanted to share this because often what we see on social media is all sunshine and rainbows, and looks so easy-breezy, but it’s not easy… It’s a choice.

For me, its been a choice of courage; to go against the grain and become a true leader of my life.

A choice to look at myself deeply, to face myself, to stop running and start living, to wake up, to feel and look my absolute best, to thrive instead of merely survive, to show up not only for myself, but for those around me.

Everybody is different and this journey is unique to each who choose to embark on its path.

If you’re wondering whether an alcohol-free life is for you, I’m excited to share that I will be hosting monthly Alcohol-Free Curious Support Circles coming soon.

I'll be sharing the strategies and insights that have helped me navigate this transformative journey to become the truest expression of myself.

If this resonates with you, DM me on instagram @jessica_suzanne_, and I'll make sure you're included.