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You Are Not Your Past

Jun 15, 2023

Ever wonder why you keep attracting the same situations when you desire something different?

Most of the time this happens when we are living from the perspective of our past experiences.

The most harmful thing we can do for our present is to live from our past.

You were a completely different person with a completely different vibrational frequency. 

Therefore, you were attracting the situations, people & experiences that were there to help you learn & grow during that time period.

If you’ve been healing your inner world, connecting to your higher being, and taking care of your mind, body and spirit, then there is no doubt that you’ve expanded into higher vibrations… which means you are attracting higher experiences. 

Don’t get stuck thinking that just because it happened in the past that it’s going to be your future.

That is absolutely not true, and the only thing that would make it true is to keep thinking that way.

Seeing the best in your life, instead of the worst, focusing on your present dreams, instead your past hardships, having fun every day and enjoying every small step on your journey will help you move faster in the direction you want for yourself.

Ask yourself each day.  “How can I make my day even better?”

Look for the good everywhere and be grateful for everything. 

Live one happy moment at a time. Your happy moments will turn into happy days… into happy months, into happy years, into a happy life.

Yes, there will be days which will not be much fun, but you will know that tomorrow is a chance for a new beginning.

You get the blessing of a fresh new start every single day.  

It doesn’t matter where you were yesterday, and you never know what tomorrow holds, so step up today!

Make it happen, beautiful!

Cheering for you always.