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Your Desires Are Your Birthright

Aug 20, 2023

When we pursue a dream, we are connecting with our heart’s desires. It’s a way of telling our soul “I love you.”

I hope this day finds you feeling peace, love and joy in your heart. 

Last week, I spent beautiful few days in Kauai, Hawaii. Although being there felt like a dream come true, I couldn't help but feel the heaviness and heartbreak for Maui. My love, prayers and strength go out to those affected by the devastating wildfires.

In moments like this, we realize how quickly life can change.  We are drawn inward to recognize how precious our time is on this planet, pondering if we're truly embracing our lives to the fullest.

In a world of endless possibilities, it's natural to feel drawn to certain desires that awaken something special within us. These desires are unique to each of us, as they were meant for only us.  

However, sometimes we hesitate to act on these desires, fearing we might be seen as selfish, irresponsible, or even wrong for wanting what we crave.

As long as our desires are not harming another, going after what we truly want is not selfish; it is our birthright.  


By pursuing our dreams, we not only fulfill our own potential but also inspire others to chase after theirs.

Imagine a life that feels perfect to you, tailored to your aspirations rather than what others expect. Picture yourself surrounded by the things and people you love, living in your ideal environment, and doing what brings you joy. 


How would that make you feel?

Often times we are waiting for a path to appear, but it never does… that’s because the path is created by walking, not waiting.

We don't need a complicated plan or to feel overwhelmed by thinking we must have everything figured out.


All you need is your next step. 

Take that step, and the universe will guide you to the next, and then the next, leading you closer and closer to the vision you hold for yourself.

Listen to your heart, your gut, and the call of your soul. What are they whispering to you? 

Identify one small action you can take today to bring you into alignment with the nudges, the calling, and the inner knowing. 

Repeat this process, day after day, and watch as your beautiful life unfolds before your eyes.

Be comforted in knowing when you fulfill your desires, you become a beacon of light, able to serve your loved ones from a place of inner peace and fulfillment. 

Embrace your birthright, and let your journey toward your desires inspire others to embark on their own.